Web Support

Erik Hagen November 10, 2010 Contribute

Note: if you don't have Adobe Contribute CS5 installed on your computer yet, please contact the ISS Help Desk to request an installation.

Once you have Contribute installed, please contact us at websupport@callutheran.edu to request a Contribute account if you have not already done so. We need to know the names and CLU emails of everyone in your department who will be using Contribute on this computer.

When your account has been created, you need to create a connection to your website before you can begin editing. Here's how:

  1. Open Contribute
  2. In the Address bar near the top, copy and paste the following: connect:contribute.callutheran.edu
  3. Hit Enter
  4. The connection wizard will begin. If you are asked to login, please use your CLUnet account. Click the "Trust this server" and "Remember my password" boxes.
  5. When the wizard finishes you are now ready to edit your website.